Monday, July 6, 2009

Tired... T_T

recently...i love to use this symbol----> T_T..i dunno y..maybe i miss my past life..when i don't hv any responsibilities..jobless...miss my 'bantal bucuk'..uhuk...

tired..just came from dungun..arrived at kajg yesterday 12a.m..and dis morning drive thru to melaka..not get enuf sleep...since friday my hubby told me to take leave today..but i refuse..i've meeting dis afternoon..huwaaa..if i could..i want to..sob..sob..sob..

about house..ermmm..guess what..our loan is takes just one day..unbelievable..i tot it will take a and my hubby bz to sketch..planning how our house will looks alike..yup..lots of arguiment..i love to argue with my hubby..hik3..

our future home is 26x70...end lot..down here is an example of our house...this one is for 22x70...

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