Monday, July 20, 2009


hi there..just arrived at office..1st thing i do after sit at my chair is on my laptop and blogging...hehehe...

i've taken a leave for tomorrow..i need to settle all things that relate with my future house..i need to go to the everything will be settle by tomorrow..hate to take a leave while there is a lots of work that i must done..

last week i when to cinema at sunway pyramid for watching ice age 3 in 3D with my hubby, bro, sis, and my younger bro as is very fun coz this is my 1st experience watching a movie with 3D..the picture seems like just in front of me and looks more real..

i snapped a pic when we walked to cinema...

last saturday i when to Stadium Bukit Jalil to watch football game..manu vs, my hubby and my bro was very excited..unfortunately, my bro not feeling just me and my hubby go for watch this game..our comment is, msia give and play a good game..for fight with the "giant" team in football is very less hope to get even a single goal..moreover to win the the result 3-2 is very2 impressive..but yeah..msia still need a lots of work to do for compete with EPL team like strategy, confidence, skills and ect..manu also i saw not give their full performance for this game..maybe they underestimate msia team..for tonight, i think manu team will give no face to msia team..however..give a big hands to Amri.. 9(^0^)p

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